Souls Famished

While u were sleepin the thief crept in…
Preying on the young, the sick, the weak
(1 Peter 5:8)

Dry and thirsty
In a land of plenty
Consuming contamination n Poison
Souls famished
Children desperate n hungry
Begging for nourishment
Life denied
For a life of luxury n comfort
Driven by lust n greed.
Sacrifice ya seed to gain more prestige
A whole generation being led to the slaughter

Cryin Out
Do u hear ’em?

No such thing as fast little girls only little girls who’ve been sexually violated. Our wounds identifies what mutilated us. Not lil thugs just traumatized children.
Scarred n Scared
Starved n Ravaged
Parents too malnourished
to provide sustenance
So they devour their seed
Souls so depraved n corrupted
They call it a blessin’
Dying in toxicity
operating under generational curses
Held in bondage n captivity
Malachi 4:6
Let’s get free!
Matthew 16
Entertainment is a distraction
The Truth shall set us free!
Yeshua is the Way the Truth the Life
Choose Life so you and your seed may live

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