Silence is Compliance

***Silence is Compliance***


complete absence of sound.

cause to become silent;

prohibit or prevent from speaking.


the action or

fact of complying

with a wish or command.


ready to accept something

without protest,

or to do what someone else wants.




(Revelation 18)

(Matthew 24)

Dumb dogs…

While u were sleeping the thief crept in…

Matthew 13:25-30

(((Isaiah 56)))

Isaiah 56:10-12 (NKJV)

His watchmen are blind,

They are all ignorant;

They are all dumb dogs,

They cannot bark;

Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

Yes, they are greedy dogs

Which never have enough.

And they are shepherds

Who cannot understand;

They all look to their own way,

Every one for his own gain,

From his own territory.

“Come,” one says,

“I will bring wine,

And we will fill ourselves

with intoxicating drink;

Tomorrow will be as today,

And much more abundant.”



#Captives Release

For My Salvation Is Soon To Come!!!

Revelation 16:15 (ESV)

(“Behold, I am coming like a thief!

Blessed is the one who stays awake,

keeping his garments on,

that he may not go about naked

and be seen exposed!”)

Yeshua is the Way the Truth the Life

Choose life so that u and your seed may live


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