Whose Kingdom?

Whose Kingdom R U buildin’?
Ephesians 6
We wrestle not against flesh N blood
Everything that appears good is bad and everything that appears bad is good.
This fallen world and all of its kingdoms belong to Satan. 1 Jn. 5:19
Everything man-made is ruled by the kingdom of darkness. A wicked perverse corrupt depraved backward thinking system that causes sickness N disease, sin N death N evil wickedness. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they turned from the Father N worshipped satan. Adam relinquished all of his authority N dominion, his rule N reign on earth he handed to satan. The Father creation banned from His Presence, condemned to an everlasting punishment eternal separation. Sin N death, chaos N confusion, perverting N corrupting. Adam N Eve’s act of rebellion condemned all of creation to spend eternity without Him. Detached from our Source of Life, Our Heavenly Father’s Glorious light. All of creation died. Returning to the dust of the earth decayed putrefied zombies.
Vagabond The walking dead wandering the earth aimlessly… with no rest

Matthew 4
But Our God! Who is Victory, destroyed the works of the enemy! Our Father prepared The Way of escape through #Christ For all who are willing to come N forsake the dead. #Repent and walk away from Satan’s reign. Return N follow the Father’s Way of Salvation! For all who are willing to come to the ark of safety.
Come! -Matthew 11:28-30
Romans 10
Whosoever will call on the name of Jesus will be saved from the coming eternal punishment of Satan and his angels.
Matthew 25 *Now is the time, prepare for Christ’s millennial reign!
#Salvation has come and destroyed the works of the devil!
#Godbless #iloveu
Yahweh IAm That IAm Sent His Salvation Jesus Christ #Yeshua HaMashiach
To rescue N restore His creation from the rule N reign of satan.
The Captives Release Let my people go
Revelation 18
It is finished!
Yeshua is the Way the Truth the Life
Choose life so u and your seed may live!
#4cryinoutloud911 .com

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