In a Dry and Thirsty Land

Mainstream #Christianity

7 mountains of culture worldly influence man-made vainglory.

The profane infiltrated the Sacred Place.

Take out God insert Satan -Matthew 21:13

The world bows N worship

performing sacrificial rituals N ceremonies. Masquerading on world stages publicly erecting idols.

Calling themselves the #goat Greatest of all time are those in alliance.

The tares N wheat, the goat N sheep -Matthew 13+25

Bold N brazen his story on repeat, time’s up! Satan’s way of instant gratification feeding your flesh entertaining your lust, it’s a setup. His way is the way that leads to your demise, Eternal damnation



The only way to Life is to be alive in #Jesus Christ.

1 Samuel 12

Diamonds in trash bags Hidden Treasure! Many will miss God focusing on the wrong thing (5 wise N 5 foolish virgins)

Do not look on his appearance or the height of his stature because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees, man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart.

Unless #Repentance takes place many will perish.

Exposed! #Prosperity gospel


Tares from wheat goats from sheep

Man made #AI Mammon religion,

building a tower to reach heaven.

Lost in translation

scattered N divide confused N babbling. Lullabied to sleep with sweet candy coated watered down preachin’.

False Christs False Prophets N Apostles Counterfeits teaching a fake #gospel Perversion N corruption

Seducing Spirits Doctrines of Devils

Synagogues of Satan

Sorcery N Idols

Strange Fire

Abomination of Desolation

In a Dry N thirsty land

#GMOs Social Engineering

No meat No fruit No vegetables

Malnourished Famished -Amos 8:11-12.

Can’t discern the Truth from deception Bewitched by greed

Mammon/seeds crept into the hearts of men disguised as blessings.

Coveting status jockeying for position.

The Gospel was never about temporal possessions.

The Good News of Salvation is Life Eternal!

Come out

The Captives Release



Jeremiah 51

Revelation 18


#Yeshua is the way the Truth the Life

Choose life so you and your seed may live!




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