#Sex is spiritual

a covenant #Marriage

Whoever he is

u become vice versa

2 becomes 1


Unlawfully conceived


Spiritually Transmitted Demons

Exchanging bodily fluids

exchanges spirits

Infecting the body soul n spirit

#LGBTQ+ Pedophilia

Adding #pedophilia at the end.

When it starts at the beginning.

I read an article saying there’s a stigma

associated with pedophilia that shouldn’t be. Saying it should be treated as a

#mentaldisorder that every person who identify as a

#pedophile don’t act on it.

Saying they can’t help what they like,

its their sexual preference.

*Ask all the men women

and their children N grandchildren

How horrific the #trauma

caused by their pedophile’s

pedophilia problem?


As a society we should be weeping

but instead we turn a blind eye.

They say kids are resilient

Children are taught to be

docile N silent.

They grow up N become

dysfunctional grown ups!

N the cycle continues


Abnormal use,

perverts N corrupts

the mind will N emotions.

Steal kill N destroy,

capturing N enslaving billions.

Abused children

learn to fantasize N pretend

everything’s fine.

Anyone who’s been

sexually/traumatized knows

Life as they knew it dies.

The hardest part

grieving while adjusting to

The new normal.

And the #traumatized

is still being traumatized!



are ways to escape the torment.

In this state

false beliefs


unhealthy ideologies n fixations

are conceived.

Learning to cope N survive

within the perverted soul

n corrupt mind

A new persona’s born.

Death N Darkness



Unclean spirits

the demonic

Sometimes without knowing

parents sacrifice their children.

Beware of Wolves in sheep’s clothing


Until we are in the Light of Truth

a broken spirit and a wounded soul

can not receive healing.

Psalm 51

True Intimacy is in the Father

through Yeshua

Psalm 91

The Captives Release!

Isaiah 61

#YAHWEH saves

#Yeshua is the Way the Truth the Life

Choose Life so u and your seed may live




#mentalhealth #ptsd #bipolar

#depression #anxiety

#molestation #rapeculture

#recovery #sobriety #soberlife


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