Mental Health Awareness

Hiding under the cover of darkness
Sin produce perversion
perversion corrupts the soul
mind will emotions

From a very young age

I learned to hide behind the lie
I learned to perform

pretend to keep going.
Reenacting dysfunctional

generational patterns.
In my walk my talk

my actions my movement.

I learned it I lived it I breathed it...I became it!

My soul was sick

The only way to change
Stop running from the pain
The longer u avoid it,

the greater the despair
Take off the mask,

peel back the layers, face it.
U get out what u put in
U harvest what u plant
Sin will continuously recreate

the same dysfunctional patterns

over n over again
So many of us are held captive,

slowly dying
While passing the same dysfunction

Along to our #children
What parents tolerate

children will do in excess!
That which u sow u shall also reap
Unless we deal with sin effectively

The perversion/the lie

will continue to grow n destroy lives.

Sin Sick cycles

cesspools of recycled waste

repeatedly being regurgitated n swallowed

#mentalhealth issues
We make allowances

give permission n passes.

We call evil good n good evil.

We diminished, deny, ignore,

stuff down, avoid anything

that makes us uncomfortable.
We paint pretty little perfect pictures

to escape into
pretending everything’s fine
Errbody know we lyin’
held captive to the lie
The soul that sin shall die!
(((Mark 9)))
All things are possible

for the one who believes!
There is a way to be free!
The Captive’s Release!
Arise n Shine!
U gotta get dirty

n pull up some weeds!
Come up hear n see
I AM that I AM
YHWH saves
Yeshua is the way the Truth the Life
Choose Life so you and your seed may live.



Buying things don’t make kids happy.

Buying things makes parents feel

better about what we believe is lacking.

Buying stuff is our attempt to cover up

feelings of guilt n inadequacy.

Trying to disguise

whatever sin we’re hiding…

it’s lying!


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