Arise and #Shine

In the beginning
Divine Glory emanates
Father of heavenly lights
Illuminates the darkness
Let there be light!
Stars shine bright
In His presence
The Garden of Eden
Made in His image
Clothed in Light

Adam forbidden
Thru disobedience
Comes separation
And Death
Naked in sin
Flesh sacrificed
Clothed in skin
The glory departed
Truth Hidden

Type and shadow
Goshen’s #Light
Moses worship
On Mount Sinai
The Ten Commandments
In His presence
Radiant brilliance
Glory shone
Face Veiled
Hidden Truth
Exodus out of darkness

The Dawning of a new day
Lamb of God
Light of the world
Mount Transfiguration
Flesh crucified
Blood shed
Atoning Sacrifice
Covered sin
Veil rent
It is finished!
Truth revealed

Covered our nakedness
Clothed in His Glory
In His presence
Our Secret place
Safe and Protected

Falling away…The Great Apostasy
Son of perdition
Lawless one
False light
Abomination of desolation
The Day of the Lord
Arose a Roaring Lion
Our soon coming King

Come Home
The Prodigals return
The gathering
Children of the Light
Shine bright
Rise up
The Holy Hill of Zion…New Jerusalem!
Look up lift up your heads, your redemption draws near!

You are the source of all life, in your light we see light.
-Psalm 36:9

For anything that becomes visible is light
Wake up, sleeper,
and rise from death,
and Christ will shine on you

The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. And for those who lived in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shined
-Matthew 4:16

Isaiah 9:2
Isaiah 11:2
Matthew 6:22-23
1 Peter 2:9

#Yeshua is the way the Truth the life
Choose life so you and your seed may live!

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