Like a Moth to a Flame

#Alone but I stood
every negative word spoken
every fiery dart and arrow thrown
I admit I stayed way too long
Called #loyalty being sold into slavery
When my parents walked away
my siblings went astray
I struggled to catch my breath
I got down on my knees 2 #pray
As I released my firstborn seed
I laid on my face and wept
Life shaken to the core
When the dust settled there #Yeshua stood
At the end of the day thru all the hurt and pain
the mocking
the ridicule
the shade!
The abuse and betrayal
Thru every test and trial
I was not forgotten
Never knew #Love like this
Never knew Love exist
All that I’ve longed for
All I ever needed I found in Christ #Jesus
#Blessings ain’t stuff
The blessing’s getting up
By name called out to me
Come up here and see!
I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.
No truer words have ever been spoken!
I know what it is to be devastated and #broken
But more importantly I know what it is to be restored
#Wholeness… knowing I AM more!
#Life ain’t been the same
Ain’t perfect
I was a mess?
I’m still learning I’m still growing stronger and wiser
With each new day no matter what may come my way
I know my life’s been hidden
#God knows I need Him
More than this air I breathe
More than my next heartbeat
Without Yeshua life ain’t in it
Left for dead discarded thrown away, treated less than human
From my mother’s womb the enemy tried to destroy me
It ain’t neva been easy
But God’s plan for me
#Hindsight 20/20
Even when I couldn’t see ’em nor did I believe ’em
He’s been wit me
Since I was a little girl he would talk 2 me
comfort me, show me great and mighty things
Thru it all I know this one thing #fosho
My Father loves me!
This is why I love Him because
In my nakedness He clothed me
When I was hungry He fed me
When I was unloved He loved me
When I was lost He found me
When I was dead He revived me
This is why I love Him because
He first loved me
Ain’t none better than the real thing!
This is why I love Him because…
#GodisLove #grateful #survivor #thankyoujesus
#Youarenotalone #nevergiveup #Youmatter #Yourlifematters
#warrior #Victory #Godbless #iloveu #iseeu #recovery

#4cryinoutloud911 .com

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