Who u following?

In the land of the blind…

The one eyed man is King

(Matthew 6)

From birth we follow
Who’s leading?

Fall in line

follow behind

The blind leading the blind
Like sheep being lead to the slaughter
Everything we know somebody told us

Day after day
Mindlessly obeying

What we eat, what we drink, what we think.

The way we walk,

how we talk, the clothes we wear,

the way we do our hair!
We raise our children and grandchildren

to fall in line and follow behind.

no questions asked, no explanations

Everything she do, do

What he say, do
Every minute of every day

Anniversaries and birthdays holidays


Days after day year after year

One in the same

Groundhog’s day








Whoever don’t fit we label defected…

What if… everything she said was a lie

What if everything he did was to keep u

in line…

The road less traveled…

Enter by the narrow gate.

Wide is the gate, broad and easy is

the way that leads to destruction many

will enter.

Small is the gate, narrow and difficult is

the way that leads to life,

there are few who find it…(matt 7:13-14)

Remaining is not an option

Get free or die tryin!

The fight is worth fighting!
When u know the Truth the lie can’t

infect u!
We wrestle not against flesh and blood

but against principalities

against powers and ruler of darkness of

this world against spiritual

wickedness in high places


The dawning of a brand new day…

Arise n shine



Be ye not conformed to this world but be

ye transformed by

renewing your mind!

Come out!
come up hear and see

We gotta think differently
Jesus is the Way the Truth the Life
Choose life so you and your seed may


#iloveu #iseeu #YHWH #yahweh

#holyspirit #jesus #yeshua #victory

#freedom #love #knowledge #wisdom

#truth #woke #staywoke

#truthseeker #healing #miseducation

#nextgeneration #sober

#recovery #midterms #election #prayer


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