Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll
The distraction
Keep em high
Keep em laughin
Keep em singin n dancin
Keep em runnin chasin nuffin’

Da hood done made folks filthy rich and still get done da dirtiest
Kardashian-Jenner’s made a billion jackin’ #blackgirlmagic callin’ it high fashion and errbody brought it
Easily manipulated persuaded
Errbody ain’t feedin’ u sustenance
Some folks wanna keep u sick
Ignorance is not Bliss
Divide and conquer
Without #unity ain’t nobody winnin’

Either u part of the solution or u the problem
When folks sleepin comfy cozy u gotta shake ’em
pay attention
Check it
I’m not a hunter but I’m told
That In places like the arctic
Where indigenous people sometimes might hunt a wolf
They’ll take a double edged blade and they’ll put blood on the blade and they’ll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice. So that only the blade is protruding, and that a wolf will smell the blood and wants to eat and it will come and lick the blade trying to eat. And what happens is when the wolf licks the blade of course he cuts his tongue and he bleeds And he thinks he’s really having a good thing And he drinks and he licks and he licks And of course he is drinking his own blood and he kills himself Wolves DeadPrez
Bill MJ Prince Whitney Kanye Weezy Breezy R.Kelly Dmx Katt Bow Lil Kim #Beyonce
What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul
If you control a man’s mind you control a multitude
Folk’s sick n dying we call it entertainment
We watch folks drown n videotape it
#POTUS is the manifestation of the heart of Americans
The land of the free
The home of the brave
The enemy appeals to our ignorance our insecurities our need for approval n acceptance
Playin on our desperation our fear of rejection

The compromise
Take a man’s pride the ego to a high place in exchange for his soul
He bows in worship da price paid 4 fortune n fame

Pride comes before the fall
The humble is God”s grace!
Daniel 4 Acts 9
Finding our identity in Christ
A pure heart
U are worth more than this world has 2 offer
U are #beautiful
A #treasure

Jesus is the way the truth the life

Choose life so u and your seed may live


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