U matter!

Under the control of her abuser
When he call she comes running!
He black her eye she ask why?
He beats her senseless
She looks at him in bewilderment!
Surprised every time!
She tries and she tries to be what he desires
Never quite reaching the mark
Never quite being good enough
His rejection leaves her starving for his affection
Trading her dignity for his acceptance!
More submissive less attractive, more agreeable less vocal, more domesticated less social, more teachable less successful!
Every time she reaches the line he moves it!
Forever chasing his delusions…
Just like an abused woman!

Mind control…history repeats
We keep doing the same ol’ thing
and excepting something different.
Conforming to a world you weren’t created to be a part of
Fighting to be a part of a system perverse and corrupt
Pleading, begging, marching, protesting
picket lines, picket signs
singing, screaming… #nojusticenopeace #equality
Generation after generation, decade after decade, year after year for hundreds of years
Day after day we kneel in rejection
cries fall on deaf ears
If it ain’t broke why fix it?
There ain’t no problem if I can’t see it
Justice is blind!
but we keep on tryin’
we knockin’
we dyin’
we hopin’ that one day
we’ll be seen as more than three fifths of a human being!

*The abuser never thinks he’s abusive!

*Freedom’s on the other side…
open the door walk on through it!
Come up hear and see!
If we change the way we think, we’ll change what we’ve been seeing!


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