Been there done that…#lived2tellaboutit

Ain’t no man exempt Ignorance is not bliss! Wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom, with all thy getting, get an understanding.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood…
The enemy has three temptations/distractions
The lust of the flesh
The lust of the eyes
The pride of life (Matthew 4)
Drug sex and rock and roll
entertaining the flesh…
Pride comes before the fall…
Pride will knock you off your high horse and face plant ya! (The face plant is called God’s grace, saved my life)
7 times a righteous man falls… get up and walk!
What the world think is crazy ain’t as crazy as you think…Listen!
Tilt your head see the strings!
There are those who were born to see ahead of time. There are those who were born to provoke change and then there are those who were born but choose to die in vain.
Stuck in the dark ages, while others are light years away.
(come up hear and see)

People try to kill what they don’t understand (the fear of man)

When you control the way a man thinks and speaks, when you silence his voice not only do you control him but everyone connected to him…Nations 4 generations…(seeds)
When the minority tells the majority that the majority is the minority and the majority believes it…
The war is in the mind 4 the soul
*What profits a man to gain the whole world but loses his soul
When The enemy takes you to that high place and offers you the world if you bow. You become ensnared/enslaved… Now you keeping up the performance and appearance
Dying to maintain the status quo
The higher you go the greater you compromise the soul.
 Be careful
Grace is the face plant! (The stripping away of the pom and circumstance, the fluff, the idols errected in God’s place. The bare bones minimum, all that is useless gets blown away Grace.)
When you smack and you find yourself looking up face smashed…now the dilemma… do you get back on and do it all over again (insanity) or have you learned the lesson get up and start walking!
Until we feel the depth of darkness and death, we will not understand our need to be rescued.
The desperation for salvation!
(The answer
Daniel 4
Acts 9)
When we turn to God and cry out He will rescue us outta death’s destruction
Jesus is the only way out…
Yeshua is the way the truth the life
Anything apart from receiving salvation is death.
This chess not checkers…Please pray for those strategically placed in high places to shape the minds and voices of the majority…Nations 4 Generations…seeds!
***Ladies and Gentlemen
Come up hear and see
This is not a dress rehearsal…the stage has been set
For such a time as this…
we in it now…dressed in full regalia!
Shift 1 Kings 19…
Sifting the tares and wheat
Call down fire…
Jesus is the way the truth the life
Choose life so you and your seed may live!

God bless

Love ya 2 life 4real
Repent or perish








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