I AM sent…

In the beginning…

Was me! Divinity ordained diety. Spirit brooding Bottomless pit Nothingness. The Father spoke Darkness broke. The light of men The Garden of Eden. Breathed Adam and Eve, Disobeyed naked and afraid. Dead in sin death enters in. Blood shed, Love covers a multitude of sin.

Enmity between the enemy, Raised up a prophet from among thee. Men of old told of me, Search the scriptures Prophecy. Foretold Thru out the ages of old, The ancient of days. Promised Messiah Passover lamb Foreshadowing me. According to the ordinance of the appointed feast. Break no bone and none shall you keep. Parting of the red sea, Israel set free.

Immanuel From virgin birth, Unto us a child is born, A son is given. Increased wisdom Beyond my youth. One voice crying out, Preparing the way. Behold! The lamb who takes the sin away. Baptised in the Jordan, The Spirit as a Dove descended upon me. Open heaven My father speaks, My beloved son whom I am well pleased. The Spirit carries me away Into the wilderness. Fast and prayed tempted 40 nights and days. It’s not yet my time…Turn water into wine, Begins my public ministry. Leave everything behind. Come, follow me! Son of David have mercy on me, The blind man now see, Lepers cleansed, Lazarus lives again. Costly oil anointed me, In preparation for burial She washes my feet. Triumphant entry…Out of the mouth of babes, Hosanna! Perfect praise. Chief cornerstone Rejected by my own. In remembrance of me My blood my body Take break eat drink. Laid and prayed Laid and prayed. Take this cup from me, Nevertheless Thy will be done.

Hated with out cause Betrayed with a kiss. Crucify me, Strike the Shepherd and the sheep shall flee. Shortened life age 33, back beaten nailed to a tree. Parted my garments Casting lots Forgive them Father for they know not. Ridicule mockery Suffered in silence, Mouth dried up. Darken day 9th hour came. Eli Eli lama sabachtani, My Father my father why has thou forsaken me. I thirst Fulfillment of prophecy. It is finished! Father into your hands I commit my Spirit. Body can’t stay Upcoming Sabbath day, Borrow tomb Infallible truth. Rose on the third day, Holding the keys to death and Hades. Roll the stone away, He is risen! Why seek the living amongst the dead. My witness, wait until the Holy Spirit comes. Power from on high, Baptised by fire, cloven tongues. Go! Make disciples of men Surely I’m with you, until the very end. Ascended High And lifted up Believe and perish not. Exalted position, authority and dominion. Ruler over powers and principalities… The blood speaks Stained on the mercy seat. Perfect sacrifice Ransomed for many. Redeemer of sin Mediator between God and men. Without shed blood, no remission of sins. All debts been paid, Incorruptible seed first fruit to be raised.

I am who I am, Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the end, I am the way the truth the life, I am Jesus the Christ. Like a thief in the night I shall return. Behold…I am coming soon!

-Yeshua HaMashiach



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#goodnews #jesussaves
#thesecondcoming #Godisgood

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