Living Stones…

Living stones… Not made by man’s hand, fashioned and form from the potter’s clay. Treasure in earthen vessels…Father pour out your Spirit on all flesh, Let your light shine through!

You are who God say you are…

You can be all that God has created you to be!

Taking the bull by the horns

Each generation get a chance to go

Your daddy, your daddy’s daddy and your granddaddy’s daddy all had theirs.

Now…you have yours.

Born for this precise moment

For such a time as this.

To do what has never been done before.

To soar higher then those who have come before you.

On their shoulders you stand.

The places they will never reach, you’re now standing on.

This has always been the plan, since before the foundation of the world began.

While you were yet being formed in your mother’s womb!

All of heaven’s cheering you on…

It’s time!

Step up, your next in line!

Positioned for greatness

Take life by the horns and ride!

All that’s been sacrificed to get you to this point.

All the blood sweat and tears to get you here.

Like a diamond in the rough, you were created to shine!

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God…

Learn the lessons of those who have come before you…

The traps they fell into, don’t let them ensnare you!

Watch out for the pitfalls others have fallen victim too!

No time for sleepin’

Keep your eyes wide open

Square your shoulders back

Stick your chest out

Hold your head up, look up

Its time!

Fear not, life has prepared you for this!

When it gets tough and you feel like giving up…

With each breathe and every step

With the fight of a million warriors, the strength of a multitude of nations…that same blood flows through your veins!

Remember this: you are never alone

Remember all those shoulders you stand on…

Those countless men, an army, generations of them…

with the whole world fighting against them, surviving insurmountable odds…

Remember there’s nothing to hard for God.

So lift up your head and keep going!

we’re all cheering you on!



There are more standing with you, then there will ever be against you!

So set your face like flint, and no matter what may come. Don’t never stop, don’t ever quit.

Don’t look back, keep moving forward!

Life is worth living…(Smile)

You got this and God got you!

(Jesus is the way the truth the life… Choose life so you and your seed may live!)

Love ya to life…I love you!
#4cryinoutloud911 .com

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