Safe in His presence…

*They that worship must Worship in Spirit and in Truth. 

Pillar and foundation of the truth!
When you stand for nothing… you’ll fall for anything
back to the basics
repent or perish!
Turn away escape the flames…
Simplify: make it plain
The truth is easier to remember…

Declutting the chaos and confusion

 The complexity
way too much to be a blessing!
No rest… no peace
cluttered soul
unrenewed thinking
Trying to find an outside solutions to fix an eternal issue
The more junk you consume the greater the darkness and depression…
The solution… In His presence!
Open your heart,
Let Love in…find refuge in him
Jesus is the only way!
No more hiding behind the facade
Dig deeper and face the truth!
To all who hears these words are wise to do them!
***Wishful thinking, making your own plans
…the fall of man!
Tower of Babel
let’s make a name to be greatly praised… tall enough to reach the heavens
A community in unity, all of one speech, on one accord, in total agreement.
God confounded their understanding, until they were unable to speak, each one speaking in unknown tongues
All communication ceased
confounded dumbfounded
divide and scattered…
By God’s grace divine intervention!
***The tower of babbling confusion…
Built to defy the one true living God
Come out Babylon is falling!
Pharisees and Sadducees
hermeneutics homiletics
Great Scholars and Theologian
Man’s elect… man’s intellect
God vs man…
God vs mammon…
*”The higher the building the lower the moral standard”
Truth can’t be hidden…
A building not made by human hands…
Spirituality building the church!
Not made from brick and mortar, wood stubble or hay… tested by fire so easily burns away, useless!
Living stones rejected by men…but chosen by God to withstand!
The ekklesia the called out ones…
The way, our foundation, the chief cornerstone!
Old things have passed away and the new has come…New Jerusalem!
There are only two kinds of people
(Proverbs 1)
The wise man and the foolish builder!
The wise man digs deep and built his house on The Rock!
The rain and the flood came and the winds blew. The waves crashed, beat upon the house, but it did not move!
On this rock i stand…my high place of safety…put no trust in man.
On this one truth my strong foundation…Jesus the Christ my solid rock I stand!
But the foolish man built his house on sinking sand. When the flood came and the wind and waves, crashing and thrashing his house didn’t stand a chance!
And then…
The tempter came…and took Jesus to an exalted place. To offer him all the kingdoms and their splendor, if only He bow down to worship him…
And then…
Jesus said, get away from me Satan! For it is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve only him!
To be free in our soul…is worth more then all the silver and gold…
To be alive in Christ is worth more then all the riches this world has to offer!
Created to glorify the Father to praise his holy name…
*Be clothed with the Lord Jesus, our salvation…
No false pretenses just worship him in Spirit and in Truth!
Only those who’s name is written in the Lamb’s book of life will be saved
Salvation is in Jesus Christ, the way the truth the life!

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