Eternal Life…

Life can be funny sometimes…

Folks at the front of the line get moved to back…

And the folks in the back get moved to the front!
What took one person 20 years to build can suddenly in a moment’s time belong to someone else…
Don’t hold on to tight… Open your hands and let it flow!
We’re all just passing through!

When it hurts to let go…just know 

God never told you – you would keep it…

He never said it was yours…

None of this belongs to you!

He said be a good steward, to manage it

Not try to take ownership!
Easy come easy go… Stay flexible… Don’t get to comfortable!
Remember this:

The one who looks down might find himself looking up… Humility!
What goes up must come down! (law of gravity )

What goes around comes back around! (law of Reciprocity)

***What goes down will come back up!…resurrection (The law of sowing and reaping.)
Galatians 6:7-9

7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. 9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 
***We’re all seeds!!!***

( you can only receive its benefit by letting it go!)

You have to give to get…you must give it away to keep it!
*The last the lost the least

The misfit

The black sheep

The abandoned


The rejected

The unfortunate

The mistreated

Those who once cried will soon laugh!

Beauty for ashes…

***In time God makes all things beautiful!***

God has not forgotten you…
*** If your life was my life then you would be me!***
Ain’t no man above the crew…

I am my brother’s keeper!

There’s no difference between me and you!

The only thing that makes our experience different is our situations and circumstances… 

Praise God, you’re not walking in my shoes!

We’re all created the same. Same blood running through my veins, If I cut you we bleed the same!
This life is but a vapor, one day it will all pass away!

…Everything you have today, will one day be 

someone else’s!

So don’t get too comfortable… Being comfortable!

It could all be gone tomorrow…
(Matthew 6)

This life is only temporary everything in it is dying.

Don’t be deceived chasing after foolish things…
What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul…
*Or what can a man “give” in exchange for his soul?

*Life is not about how much you gain it about how much you’re willing to give! 

The Father gave His only begotten Son…

And His Son gave up everything!
Life is a matter of the heart…a heart condition: 

…perception, faulty thinking, belief system!

What you treasure is where your heart is!

What you give your time and money to is what you value!
God wants it all, your whole heart and soul!
Don’t miss it…consumed by the wrong things!

Its either God or Mammon!

Life or death

The Kingdom of God vs the kingdom darkness!
Living a lavish life…keeping up with the Jones!

How to obtain more…when more isn’t enough!

“The Worship of…I want mo’ stuff!”

Can I please have some mo’…because all my stuff ain’t enough!

Gimme gimme I want mo’!
The rich young ruler, he didn’t make it!

He asked What must I do to be saved?

Jesus replied

Sell everything and follow me…

He went away sad…

He knew the many possessions he had!
This world’s success is only temporary…

The more comfortable you become, the closer you are to death!

Satan took Jesus to the top of a high mountain and offered him All the kingdoms of this world and its glory!

 (The bounty he received when Adam ate from the tree! 

( the knowledge of good and evil)

The desire of wanting more…will cost you everything!

In exchange for their God given lives, their birthright they died…oh the agony of defeat!)
Satan wasn’t trying to give Jesus anything, he was  trying to get more! Same old trick he used on Adam

But Jesus didn’t fall for it!

 When Adam ate from the tree he gave away everything and was left with nothing…

He exchange their precious life for a miserable death!
In this game of life we must all choose to live or die!

Either you live to give your all advancing the Kingdom of God or you die trying to run with the other side… The Kingdom of Darkness!

Plain and simple

There’s know in between 

Its All or nothing…

God requires everything!
Our perfect example

Jesus stayed focused on the mission, the goal, the purpose. He set his face like flint!.. he didn’t allow the cares the riches the pleasures of this world to distract him.
The Key to victory…

*Identity knowing who you are…I am that I am… Sent!*
The mission to redeem the fall of man! If Jesus would have done what Adam did.  None of us would have a chance!

Praise the Lord!

He stayed the course…

He gave it all, his perfect sinless life to die a sinner’s death! 

Making the power of sin and death… powerless!

(((***He was a seed!!!***)))
We’re all just passing through…. here on a mission. Our only purpose is to tell our fellow man all the Father has given… through his seed, his right hand, his only begotten son Jesus! Redeemed/brought back to life, set free from the kingdom of darkness!
Don’t be deceived!

Don’t fall for the trick: 

Don’t give your enemy your power to destroy you!

Satan offers you a world full of glitter, gold and shiny things, a counterfeit existence…to keep you distracted. While you break your neck running after it. He’ll trade you – your eternal life, your birthright for eternal death/darkness! 

Nothingness… don’t fall for the same old trick!

Like a fish with a hook in its mouth!

Everything that glitter ain’t gold… 

You think you’re “getting” something but your left out in the cold holding on to nothing!
 Let It Go!!!
Store up treasures in heaven they’re everlasting

Earthly treasures don’t last….

This life is but a dream… A distant memory fading fast

Ashes to ashes…dust to dust

Your next breath could be your last!

Why pour out something so precious into something  broken?

Why put so much energy into what’s temporary…Life is eternal!
Repent give your heart to Jesus and live on purpose!
Jesus is the way the truth the life…

Choose life so you and your seed may live!

God bless

Love ya to life!

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