The only way…

We always have to keep the main thing the main thing(the big picture)

God is just a generic term

Anyone or anything can be a god (idol worship)

But there is only one Creator/ Lord over all…

Yahweh= I am(that I am)

Jesus/Yeshua = salvation

Yahweh + Yeshua= I am salvation

The only way to be saved/ safe in the Father’s loving arms is through his provided provision.

His way of escape!

Jesus is the way the truth the life, the pathway back to the Father

There’s no other way men can be saved.

Human intellect will only confuse you and have you going around in circles (our little brain power ain’t smart enough to comprehend the truth.)

We need to be regenerated, born again from above in and thru the Spirit.


Made new

Renewed mind/mind of Christ

So the  Holy Spirit can guide us into all truth.

A house is built with a door which gives us access to go in and out of our houses. Anyone that comes to your door you decide if you’re going to grant them access to enter in or not. If they don’t come correct, then they don’t get in! But if they got some home training they might! 

Its rules to this: in order to come in you must first know procedure and protocol. You can’t come in any ol’ kinda way. You cant be loud belligerent unruly disrespectful etc…there is a right way to gain access  that we must learn and follow. 

House Rules! If we want to visit and/ or live in the house of God (all the days of our lives), we must first learn what’s acceptable. You can’t bring no shenanigans up in there.

Now if someone would try to come in your house without your permission or through a window you would consider that person a thief and a robber, no questions asked. You would handle that robber and thief accordingly.

Jesus is the door to come live with the Father. If we receive Jesus/ salvation in our hearts, become one with Jesus. If we walk in Jesus footsteps, his precut path he will lead us straight back home to the Father. (He’s already made a successful journey back home)

Anything outside of Jesus pathway is lost, eternal separation, darkness and death. Anyone who tries to enter in to the Father’s house/the secret place/the holy of holies/eternal life without going through the door (Jesus/ salvation) is considered a robber and a thief and will be punished accordingly.

We can’t make this fit us, we must allow God to change us so we can fit it!

Our spirit must be reborn from the Father (John 3)

We must be transformed, our mind renewed

In order to understand these things you must have the Spirit of God in you.

Money, intellect, human will, etc…will lead you in circles.

The only clear cut path back to the Father is through His Son Jesus Christ our perfect example.

Our only hope in fleeing this fallen corrupted, perverted world of chaos and destruction is following Jesus Christ our only way of escape back to the Father!

Jesus is the way the truth the life

Choose life so you and your seed may live

Love ya to life!

God bless!!!

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