Men: 1+1=1

For men who desire a wife (a good thing)

Be careful…

When God wants to bless you he gives you a seed!

When Satan wants to destroy you he offers you the world!

***The enemy roams around like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour***

***God knows what you need but Satan knows what you like!

The lust of the flesh

The lust of the eyes

The pride of life

The Spirit of God will always choose the way that leads to abundant life!


Your flesh will choose death every time! ((kill it!))

The woman you choose will either help you live in your purpose or distract you from it!

***So much value is placed on the wrong things.***

( a bad b**** is telling you who she is…ain’t nuttin’ cute about that! 

Why you breakin’ yo neck running to your death!)

The right woman will be your good thing 

The wrong one will be your destruction.

(Read it)

**Proverbs 31 woman 


**Proverbs 7 woman

*the virtuous woman 


*the adulteress woman

…everything that glitter ain’t gold!!!

Ex. Samson and Delilah, Ahab and Jezebel

Choose wisely

Ex. Boaz and Ruth,  Joseph and Mary


The right one will help you establish heaven on Earth!


The wrong one will have you in hell!

Is she your Ishmael or your Issac…

Your lust or your promise manifested!

Choose wisely!!!

Adam and Eve

(Genesis 2)

 God put Adam in a deep sleep, when he woke from his “slumber” Eve was right there waiting on him to “see” her. (He knew her, she looked like him)


(The same way Christ died and was resurrected for his bride…)

She’s going to cost you…YOU!!!

The bride price…how much are you willing to pay for her (with your life?)

So be encouraged

You’re being prepared and equipped to recognise, receive, and serve her!!!

To love her like Christ loves the church!

To lay down your life for her! 

(Kill your flesh for her!)

Tend to her, honor her, protect her, care for her etc!!!

She’s a reflection of who you are!

(if she’s jacked up, well…. You looking just like her!!!!)

Allow God to transform you!

Bone of your bone

Flesh of your flesh


Tailor made

Designer’s original 

Just for you

She’s exactly what you need!

Stay focused

…she’s worth the wait!!!

***Ladies the same apply***

choose wisely

Wisdom is the principle thing

Seek wisdom 

Choose life!!!

God bless!

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