Smile in your face…


Who sent you?


Pay attention

stay woke

sober minded.

Now is not the time to fall asleep…


When the enemy comes, he comes disguised as a friend (Judas)

looking like a blessing,

looking like the best thing since sliced bread.

Tons of fun

stroking your hair (Samson and Delilah) while speaking to your flesh.

-your wants

– your lust

-your desires.

It looks good

it feels good

it taste good

it sound good

but in the end when the glitter and star dust settle reality kicks in.
Be careful who and what you allow in

could cost you everything.

(Physically mentally spiritually, and financially)

Look friendly

smile in your face

kiss you on your cheek

but was sent to kill, steal, and destroy you:
Your peace, your joy, your spirit, your hope, your dreams, your purpose, your destiny.

Leaving you broke down and broken

a mere shadow of your former self.

If it’s not adding, it’s subtracting, a distraction let it go…

Final warning
Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing

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