Arise and #Shine

In the beginning
Divine Glory emanates
Father of heavenly lights
Illuminates the darkness
Let there be light!
Stars shine bright
In His presence
The Garden of Eden
Made in His image
Clothed in Light

Adam forbidden
Thru disobedience
Comes separation
And Death
Naked in sin
Flesh sacrificed
Clothed in skin
The glory departed
Truth Hidden

Type and shadow
Goshen’s #Light
Moses worship
On Mount Sinai
The Ten Commandments
In His presence
Radiant brilliance
Glory shone
Face Veiled
Hidden Truth
Exodus out of darkness

The Dawning of a new day
Lamb of God
Light of the world
Mount Transfiguration
Flesh crucified
Blood shed
Atoning Sacrifice
Covered sin
Veil rent
It is finished!
Truth revealed

Covered our nakedness
Clothed in His Glory
In His presence
Our Secret place
Safe and Protected

Falling away…The Great Apostasy
Son of perdition
Lawless one
False light
Abomination of desolation
The Day of the Lord
Arose a Roaring Lion
Our soon coming King

Come Home
The Prodigals return
The gathering
Children of the Light
Shine bright
Rise up
The Holy Hill of Zion…New Jerusalem!
Look up lift up your heads, your redemption draws near!

You are the source of all life, in your light we see light.
-Psalm 36:9

For anything that becomes visible is light
Wake up, sleeper,
and rise from death,
and Christ will shine on you

The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. And for those who lived in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shined
-Matthew 4:16

Isaiah 9:2
Isaiah 11:2
Matthew 6:22-23
1 Peter 2:9

#Yeshua is the way the Truth the life
Choose life so you and your seed may live!

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Like a Moth to a Flame

#Alone but I stood
every negative word spoken
every fiery dart and arrow thrown
I admit I stayed way too long
Called #loyalty being sold into slavery
When my parents walked away
my siblings went astray
I struggled to catch my breath
I got down on my knees 2 #pray
As I released my firstborn seed
I laid on my face and wept
Life shaken to the core
When the dust settled there #Yeshua stood
At the end of the day thru all the hurt and pain
the mocking
the ridicule
the shade!
The abuse and betrayal
Thru every test and trial
I was not forgotten
Never knew #Love like this
Never knew Love exist
All that I’ve longed for
All I ever needed I found in Christ #Jesus
#Blessings ain’t stuff
The blessing’s getting up
By name called out to me
Come up here and see!
I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.
No truer words have ever been spoken!
I know what it is to be devastated and #broken
But more importantly I know what it is to be restored
#Wholeness… knowing I AM more!
#Life ain’t been the same
Ain’t perfect
I was a mess?
I’m still learning I’m still growing stronger and wiser
With each new day no matter what may come my way
I know my life’s been hidden
#God knows I need Him
More than this air I breathe
More than my next heartbeat
Without Yeshua life ain’t in it
Left for dead discarded thrown away, treated less than human
From my mother’s womb the enemy tried to destroy me
It ain’t neva been easy
But God’s plan for me
#Hindsight 20/20
Even when I couldn’t see ’em nor did I believe ’em
He’s been wit me
Since I was a little girl he would talk 2 me
comfort me, show me great and mighty things
Thru it all I know this one thing #fosho
My Father loves me!
This is why I love Him because
In my nakedness He clothed me
When I was hungry He fed me
When I was unloved He loved me
When I was lost He found me
When I was dead He revived me
This is why I love Him because
He first loved me
Ain’t none better than the real thing!
This is why I love Him because…
#GodisLove #grateful #survivor #thankyoujesus
#Youarenotalone #nevergiveup #Youmatter #Yourlifematters
#warrior #Victory #Godbless #iloveu #iseeu #recovery

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Who u following?

In the land of the blind…The one eyed man is King

(Matthew 6)

From birth we follow
Who’s leading?

Fall in line

follow behind

The blind leading the blind
Like sheep being lead to the slaughter
Everything we know somebody told us

Day after day
Mindlessly obeying

What we eat, what we drink, what we think. The way we walk,

how we talk, the clothes we wear, the way we do our hair!
We raise our children and grandchildren to fall in line and follow behind.

no questions asked, no explanations

Everything she do, do

What he say, do
Every minute of every day

Anniversaries and birthdays holidays vacays

Days after day year after year

One in the same

Groundhog’s day








Whoever don’t fit we label defected…defective!
What if… everything she said was a lie

What if everything he did was to keep u in line…

The road less traveled…

Enter by the narrow gate. Wide is the gate, broad and easy is

the way that leads to destruction many will enter.

Small is the gate, narrow and difficult is the way that leads to life,

there are few who find it…(matt 7:13-14)

Remaining is not an option

Get free or die tryin!

The fight is worth fighting!
When u know the Truth the lie can’t infect u!
We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities

against powers and ruler of darkness of this world against spiritual

wickedness in high places


The dawning of a brand new day…

Arise n shine



Be ye not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by

renewing your mind!

Come out!
come up hear and see

We gotta think differently
Jesus is the Way the Truth the Life
Choose life so you and your seed may live

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My ppl perish from the lack of knowledge
What we tolerate will destroy our children

Who’s #fake and who’s real
Do u know?
Be #sober minded
Be vigilant
Watch n #pray
Be careful
The enemy roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour
Masquerading as an angel of light
Disguised as Truth
Deceiving many
#Fake it until you make it
*News Flash*
You’ll never make it by fakin’ it
Stop pretending
Drop the facade
Put down the mask
The anomaly is the norm
But the norm ain’t normal
Dysfunctional ain’t functioning
Authentic ain’t the same as superficial!
Go deeper
Open your eyes n see
The blind leading the blind straight into a ditch
In the land of the blind The one eyed man is King (Matthew 6)

*Drinkin’ da koolaid and don’t know what’s in it
The beast
This world system under the power of Satan
The lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes the pride of life
Ppl will be lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents, unthankful unholy unloving unforgiving slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good traitors headstrong haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of #God (2Tim3)
Trading God for Mammon
The Hypocrisy
Teaching folks to chase after money while neglecting the need 4 #repentance
My fathers house is a house of prayer not a den of thieves
Dead souls don’t need money they need resurrecting
*(Luke 16:19-31 The Rich Man and Lazarus)

Friendship with the world is enmity towards God.
The world is the mirror image of Truth
Everything on this side of the Kingdom of God is n reverse
perverse n corrupt
Looking past the seen into the unseen
come up hear and see
The Truth shall make us free

Come out of her My people lest you share in her sins and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven and God has remembered her iniquities (Rev 18)

Be of good courage
The Spirit of the Lord shines His light in darkness
The Father sent His Son to lead the captives to #Freedom.

The Power of #Prayer
Father God
Help us!
Tomorrow’s not promised 2 no man
Escape while you can
Fall on your knees cry out #Repent
Its deeper than u think
The veil has been rent
It is finished
Come out
Arise n Shine
Your light has come
The Light of men
The beginning and the end
What Adam lost #Yeshua Won!
Jesus is the way the Truth the life
Choose life so you n your seed may live
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(Matthew 7)


Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll
The distraction
Keep em high
Keep em laughin
Keep em singin n dancin
Keep em runnin chasin nuffin’

Da hood done made folks filthy rich and still get done da dirtiest
Kardashian-Jenner’s made a billion jackin’ #blackgirlmagic callin’ it high fashion and errbody brought it
Easily manipulated persuaded
Errbody ain’t feedin’ u sustenance
Some folks wanna keep u sick
Ignorance is not Bliss
Divide and conquer
Without #unity ain’t nobody winnin’

Either u part of the solution or u the problem
When folks sleepin comfy cozy u gotta shake ’em
pay attention
Check it
I’m not a hunter but I’m told
That In places like the arctic
Where indigenous people sometimes might hunt a wolf
They’ll take a double edged blade and they’ll put blood on the blade and they’ll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice. So that only the blade is protruding, and that a wolf will smell the blood and wants to eat and it will come and lick the blade trying to eat. And what happens is when the wolf licks the blade of course he cuts his tongue and he bleeds And he thinks he’s really having a good thing And he drinks and he licks and he licks And of course he is drinking his own blood and he kills himself Wolves DeadPrez
Bill MJ Prince Whitney Kanye Weezy Breezy R.Kelly Dmx Katt Bow Lil Kim #Beyonce
What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul
If you control a man’s mind you control a multitude
Folk’s sick n dying we call it entertainment
We watch folks drown n videotape it
#POTUS is the manifestation of the heart of Americans
The land of the free
The home of the brave
The enemy appeals to our ignorance our insecurities our need for approval n acceptance
Playin on our desperation our fear of rejection

The compromise
Take a man’s pride the ego to a high place in exchange for his soul
He bows in worship da price paid 4 fortune n fame

Pride comes before the fall
The humble is God”s grace!
Daniel 4 Acts 9
Finding our identity in Christ
A pure heart
U are worth more than this world has 2 offer
U are #beautiful
A #treasure

Jesus is the way the truth the life

Choose life so u and your seed may live


U matter!

Under the control of her abuser
When he call she comes running!
He black her eye she ask why?
He beats her senseless
She looks at him in bewilderment!
Surprised every time!
She tries and she tries to be what he desires
Never quite reaching the mark
Never quite being good enough
His rejection leaves her starving for his affection
Trading her dignity for his acceptance!
More submissive less attractive, more agreeable less vocal, more domesticated less social, more teachable less successful!
Every time she reaches the line he moves it!
Forever chasing his delusions…
Just like an abused woman!

Mind control…history repeats
We keep doing the same ol’ thing
and excepting something different.
Conforming to a world you weren’t created to be a part of
Fighting to be a part of a system perverse and corrupt
Pleading, begging, marching, protesting
picket lines, picket signs
singing, screaming… #nojusticenopeace #equality
Generation after generation, decade after decade, year after year for hundreds of years
Day after day we kneel in rejection
cries fall on deaf ears
If it ain’t broke why fix it?
There ain’t no problem if I don’t see it
Justice is blind!
but we keep on tryin’
we knockin’
we dyin’
we hopin’ that one day
we’ll be seen as more than three fifths of a human being!

*The abuser never thinks he’s abusive!

*Freedom’s on the other side…
open the door walk through it!
Come up hear and see!
If we change the way we think, we’ll change what we’ve been seeing!



Because…I knew not 2.
We’ve been programmed not to tell.
We hide the truth and live the lie!
We learn to adapt to the #stigma

the shame

the embarrassment

that comes along with being #sexuallyharassed #abused #assaulted etc…

Little girls are programmed to believe we’re nothing more than objects to be played with like…#Barbie
We normalize being objectified
We purchase big boobs and fake behinds
then photograph our ass-ests like they’re faces!


Your grandmother
Your mother
Your sister
Your wife
Your daughter!
They have a story too!
*Only 1 of 5 *REPORT* being victimized…
We’re as sick as our secrets!
Keeping secrets keep us sick
We must be willing to deal with it to heal from it
As mothers we raise #men to protect #women not violate them.
***Don’t blame the victim!***